Product Reviews

- MERRITT P1 Pedals - 

Here we have one of our favorite products. The MERRITT P1 Pedal. The guys at MERRITT make solid products and they make sure there stuff is on point before sending it out into the ruff world that is BMX.

Does this product do what is supposed to do?

They keep my feet from hitting the ground most of the time. For being plastic pedals they are quite strong and I haven't had any bearing issues or bent axles even while wearing down the plastic insanely far. 

Are they worth the price? 

At $20 retail they are on par with the majority of plastic pedals in this category. They are absolutely worth $20 and they are even better when they are on sale! 

Do they last?

They do wear out eventually! If your lazy with your grinds or have a tendency to drag your pedal on the ledge they will wear out faster. Plastic pedals do not last forever. These bad boys last as long as I would expect them to. 

- VANS Skate HI Pro - 

Thought we should start off with a product that I personally use every day. The Vans Skate HI Pro. Shoes are one of those things that everyone has there own opinion about. For the sake of these reviews I will focus more on the practical side and not so much the fashion side, which at the end of the day is really a personal preference. 

Does this product do what is supposed to do?

I have owned this pair for 3-4 months and have not been easy on them. They are quite comfortable and they certainly stick to my pedals. Even when I let the pins wear down ridiculously far like Rudy Coffin. The Hi-top style keeps my bony ankles from slapping the crank bolts when I get sketchy. Which lets face it is most of the time. 

Is it worth the price? 

At $65-$70 retail they certainly are not cheap shoes but in my searching I found a lot of shoes $90+ that were absolutely terrible. The pro model is more durable and comes with VANS version of Impact Absorbing Insoles. I have a  $40 pair of FP insoles from my last shoes and haven't had to toss them in yet as these seem to be working fine. We will see how they last as I am known to blow a foot off or two here and there.

Do they last? 

Its been 3-4 months and I have really been impressed with the quality of these compared to some of the cheaper VANS I've run in the past. I really wish I could still get NIKE 6.0 High-tops but these will fill the void in my heart for now. The only weird thing so far is the logo on the back of the heal is starting to come off. Probably user error though from when I was scraping mud/dirt off bottom of shoes with a shovel.

- UPDATED 11/07/17 -